Our Mission

It will soon start Kudos Blog, a UK website where real product users become publishers and reviewers. If you want to earn money for reviewing a particular product join now completing the contact form below. We will be in touch with you as soon as we are close to the official launch date. We are in a pre-release phase and we are building the commuinity, so please don't be shy. Who can join? Anyone can join - any product purchasers, publishers, reviewers, advertisers, brands which want their products reviewed. The mechanism is simple. Advertisers and brands hire the kudosblog's reviewers community to review a specific product or commercial campaign in exchange of kudos. Reviewers interact with the site by publishing reviews, comments and other product related content and earn kudos. Reach a certain amount of kudos, and redeem a reward. Rewards can be gift codes, gift cards or vouchers, and obviously cash.