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How To Sell a House Fast With GoodMove

Selling a home can be exhausting! Thankfully, it’s easy to sell any property in any condition when you work with a great cash buyer like GoodMove. We’re excited to help you sell, and we’re the fastest and easiest way to do so in the UK. We’re always ready to help home-sellers find the best way to get rid of their problem properties. If you’re ready to sell a house fast, look at the steps you can take with GoodMove to make it happen! 

Step 1: Find the Value Of Your Home

The best way to begin selling your home is to find out how much it’s worth. This can come from a lot of different sources, whether it be your local markets, the internet, or even an estate agent. It’s always good to bring an asking price to the table, so that we know what we’re working with and where we should begin our negotiations. Be sure to draw your price from a lot of different sources, because estate agents often overprice homes in hopes of a higher commission and online calculators draw from unvetted sources. Your home is worth good money to us- but we need to know how much you think it’s worth before we begin to buy. 

Step 2: Talk To GoodMove To Find Your Offer

We’re always ready to talk about buying your home! To sell a house fast to GoodMove, you simply need to find the time to talk about how much we can offer you. This is where you need a price on your home- it helps us gauge how much your home is actually worth, and whether or not we can pay that much for a home in your condition. Most of the time, your asking price is great, and we’re more than happy to work with you to find the perfect solution if you haven’t found the perfect price yet. 

Step 3: Work Through the Specifics of Your Sale

Many homes have specific parameters that need to be filled in order for them to sell. In order to legally sell your home, you need to explain to us everything that could impact the value of the property, or any safety issues that exist there. Sometimes, there are old title issues, wills, or other council rules about your property that can affect the sale, and we need to know those before we buy, too. The rules of what you have to disclose vary by area, but they’re often very simple. 

Step 4: Sign Your Contract with Us

To make a sale with GoodMove, you need to finalise the contract of sale. Even if you were selling on the open market, this is a necessary step, because it just means that neither participant is going to back out of the sale before it’s completed. Legally, it shows that we’ve agreed on a price and that if we pay you the money, you’ll give us your home. This will also help both you and us understand when this sale will be finished by (the closing date) as well as exactly how much money we’re paying for your property (the purchasing price). 

Sell a House Fast With GoodMove

It’s easy and simple to sell a house fast with GoodMove. With our highly trained team of staff and our willingness to reach the perfect plan for both you and your home, we’re excited to help you sell your property. We always buy in as-is condition, no matter how bad that might be. Don’t worry about repairs or even repainting, because we have you covered. If you’re tired of your current property or you just need to move forward with a sale quickly because you’re ready to relocate, we’re the number one cash buyer in the UK today. We can get you an offer in as little as seven days, no matter what condition your property might currently be in. The bottom line is that GoodMove is the right move when you’re looking to sell your home! Contact us today to learn more about the process or to begin!

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