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Types of Precision Cutting Tools for Automotive Mechanics& Metal Fabricators

Precision cutters are widely used in various industries. These include the automotive industry, fabrication companies, and sometimes woodwork. You can use them for a wide range of applications and can be used on materials that are too small to work on. There are various cutters that you will find in the market, examples include;

1.Angle cutters

Angle cutters are common precision cutters among mechanics and metal fabricators. Some are battery-operated while others are electrically powered. They come in varying sizes to suit various requirements, and understanding the specific use helps in choosing the right device.  Angle cutters come in two broad categories, these are single and double-angled cutters.

Single cutters feature an angular face with teeth on the conical. On the other hand, double-angled cutters have V-shaped teeth. The cutters are mainly used for cutting pieces of metal and are available with angles within a range of 10° to 45°.

  1. Diagonal cutters

The diagonal cutter is designed for wedging or crimping cables to ensure high levels of precision. They are commonly used on soft copper or aluminum electrical conductors. These cutters provide a diagonal cut and are characterized by sharp cutting edges.

The cutting edges meet at a point and allow for precision during operation. Moreover, the cutting edges are strong and hardened to withstand rigorous use while maintaining their sharpness. Their jaws are long and slender to ensure excellent reach and access to small spaces. Moreover, diagonal cutters come with comfortable handles and are versatile for varied applications.

3.End cutters

End cutters are also referred to end nippers and feature a cutting edge to cut through the material with a flush finish. End cutters are commonly used for repetitive cutting through hard wire and removing electrical staples.

End cutters come with various specifications, and choosing the right device is key. The best features to consider when shopping are;

  • High leverage- You will get tired of cutting hard wire or nails,  and your cutter should have a high force multiplier.
  • Return snip- Choose a cutter with a return snip, this will reset the tool and save you energy and time.
  • Hardened cutting edges- Acquire an end cutter with a high HRC value, this will keep cutting for years without getting blunt.
  • Cutting capacity- Pick a strong end cutter with a sturdy handle to handle hard wires when cutting.

4.Flush cutters

Flush cutters are angled and narrow with lifted handles allowing you to hold them securely when in use. You can use a flush cutter on different types of materials including soft and semi-hard metals. Flush cutters are best used on flat surfaces and are suitable for trimming beading wire and headpins.

5.Hydraulic cutters

Hydraulic cutters are handy for chopping electrical and other cables. They are useful in various industries and used in conductors such as wire ropes and solid bars. You will get them in different head styles, such as the ratchet and scissor type.


 You will get a wide range of precision cutters online. Understand the type of device you require, and choose the right specifications. Also, acquire cutting tools from a renowned dealer, they offer the best warranties and you can get a replacement in case of a faulty device.

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